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Workshop / Seminar

Dept. of Chemistry Seminar

Fulmer Hall
room 201
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About the event

Speaker: Dr. Qian Wang, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Univ. of South Carolina

Title: Virus Engineering – a crosstalk of bioconjugation chemistry and biomaterials science

Abstract: Over the past two decades, viruses have been employed as natural nanoscale materials in a variety of applications due to their distinct features, including a narrow size distribution, versatile functionality, unique surface morphology, and biocompatibility. In addition to direct bioconjugation, reengineering their structures with specific functional groups, either genetically or post-translationally, is often required before accomplishing their final uses. In this talk, I will discuss our efforts in developing novel bioconjugation strategies, including hijacking the biosynthetic pathway and applying electrochemistry-based organic synthesis, to engineer different virus particles for cancer immunotherapy applications.