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Workshop / Seminar

Dept. of Chemistry Seminar – Lei Fang, Texas A&M University

Fulmer Hall
room 201
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About the event

Speaker: Lei Fang, Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University,

Host: Professor Qiang (Jack) Zhang

Title: Conjugated Ladder Polymers and Polymer Networks: Fusing Rings for Materials Functions


The conformation and rigidity of the backbone of organic macromolecules are pivotal factors determining the properties of these polymers, as well as their associated supramolecular assemblies and materials. For instance, when designing and synthesizing conjugated polymers for electronic and optical applications, a primary objective is often to achieve a rigid, coplanar molecular conformation. This can be realized by fusing the aromatic backbone building blocks into a ladder-type structure, thereby creating a conjugated ladder polymer.

In this seminar, I will first introduce our diverse synthetic work encompassing a variety of conjugated ladder polymers. I will then discuss the unique optical, electronic, electrochemical, and mechanical properties of these materials. We have tailored the functions of these materials to suit a broad range of applications, including electronics, energy storage, artificial muscles, and stimuli-responsive materials. Finally, I will discuss several promising future directions that have emerged from our current research accomplishments.