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Workshop / Seminar

Divergent Thinking in Engineering Design

Off Campus
Storm King Room 104 WSU at Olympic College Bremerton

About the event

Dan Preston is the Chief Technology Officer of Clarovia Technologies, a firm that develops and manages intellectual property. Dan and his son developed and tested the technology that led to OnStar and similar technologies.  He is an electrical engineer with a background in signal transmission and processing. For the past nine years Dan Preston has sponsored WSU Bremerton engineering senior design projects that have resulted in 12 patents for the student teams.

This presentation is part of a semester-long seminar on the “soft”, but hard to learn, professional skills that are essential to a successful engineering career. The speakers are engineers and other members of Kitsap technology firms. Topics that will be covered in the seminar include project management, communication, ethics, process safety, divergent thinking, careers in large engineering firms, and working for global engineering firms.