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Workshop / Seminar

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar – Megan Hawkins, Chemistry Graduate Student

Fulmer Hall
Room 438
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About the event

Speaker: Megan Hawkins

Group: Di Wu

Title: Thermodynamics of Layered Double Hydroxides for Removal of Iodine Species from Aqueous Media

Abstract: The continued usage of fossil fuels has caused many global problems including the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. This requires us to mitigate existing environmental damage and to implement new energy sources. Of potential sources of energy, nuclear power plants have been at the forefront of the conversation due to their high capacity factor and minimal emissions. The negative impacts of nuclear power, however, have been a deterring factor in the implementation of nuclear power plants. Of the fission products that could pose a risk to public health, radioiodine is of most concern due to its environmental mobility and ease of uptake by the human body. My research focuses on the application of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) for iodine removal from aquesmedia. Nickel-based LDHs modified with trivalent metal cations such as Al, Cr, and Fe allow anion exchange with intercalated species. Anionic iodine species can be intercalated into the interlayer space of the LDH structure allowing for the electrochemical detection of iodine as well as the removal of iodine. By using integrated thermodynamic, thermal, structural and spectroscopic methods, my studies aim to elucidate the insights into the stability, structural and interfacial evolutions of LDH before and after iodine exchange.