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Workshop / Seminar

Machine learning in pursuit of zoonotic prediction

Paul G. Allen School for Global Health, WSU Pullman, or by zoom.

About the event

A Paul G. Allen School for Global Health Seminar

The WSU community is invited to attend.

Dr. Barbara Han

Cary Institute, Han Lab

The speaker will be presenting remotely.

“Machine learning in pursuit of zoonotic prediction”

Preventing future disease outbreaks is a holy grail in global health, but the majority of new infections that are emerging in humans originate from wild species that are vastly understudied compared to humans. Machine learning approaches offer a lens through which available data across animal species can be leveraged to predict undiscovered disease reservoirs, and to suggest fruitful avenues for molecular and field validations to combine with data modeling approaches to improve preparedness.

UPCOMING SEMINAR DATES: October 18, November 8, and December 13


Pilar Fernandez