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Workshop / Seminar

Organic/CBS Seminar

Fulmer Hall
room 438
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About the event

Speaker: Anubhav Dhull

Group: Dr. Anjali Sharma

Title: Harnessing chemistry of dendrimers for target specific drug delivery applications

Abstract: Dendrimers are a unique class polymeric nanomaterials that have shown remarkable potential in various applications including catalysis, energy, sensing, and drug and gene delivery. This is mainly due to their tunable chemistry and physicochemical properties such as mono-dispersity, 3-D hyper hyperbranched structure with internal cavities, and controlled architecture which provide them an edge over other polymeric systems. Due to their highly controlled architecture and a low poly-dispersity index, dendrimers can be precisely designed to have desirable pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties for targeted and controlled drug delivery applications. Despite these advantages very few dendrimer-based drug delivery systems are available in the market. This is because the traditional synthetic protocols used for the construction of dendrimers have several limitations associated with their reproducibility, defect-free structure, and scalability limiting their clinical translation. The aim of my research is to eliminate these hurdles in dendrimer synthesis by creating simple design, incorporating biocompatible and non-toxic building blocks, utilizing inexpensive starting materials, and employing highly efficient and easily scalable chemical processes. In this talk, I will present the design, synthesis, and characterization of various dendrimer based nanosystems for targeted delivery of the therapeutics for the treatment of brain and ocular diseases, and cancer.