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Workshop / Seminar

Organic/CBS Seminar – Roya Kashfi

Fulmer Hall
Room 438
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About the event

Speaker: Roya Kashfi

Group: Dr. Anjali Sharma

Title: Applying Nanoparticles in Medicine


Nanoparticles hold significant promise in the field of medicine, offering novel strategies for drug delivery, imaging, and diagnosis. Nanoparticles can encapsulate or conjugate drugs, peptides, or genes protecting them from degradation and selectively releasing payloads at specific sites within the body. Additionally, surface functionalization with targeting ligands allows for precise targeting of diseased tissues or cells, minimizing off-target effects. Liposomes and dendrimers stand out among nanoparticles due to their distinct attributes and demonstrated effective outcomes in various biomedical applications, making them essential components of modern nanomedicine. Liposomes are spherical vesicles composed of lipid bilayers. Their ability to encapsulate both hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances makes them ideal for targeted drug delivery systems. Dendrimers are highly branched synthetic macromolecules. Their precisely controlled structure allows for customizable drug loading and release profiles, while surface functionalization enables targeted intracellular delivery and imaging applications. This talk will provide an overview of the applications and advancements of nanoparticles in medicine, focusing particularly on liposomes, dendrimers, and liposomal locked dendrimers (LLDs) as hybrid nanoparticles. LLDs combine the advantages of both liposomes and dendrimers to enhance drug encapsulation, stability, and targeted delivery across biological membranes. The talk will discuss the synthesis methods, structural characteristics, and functionalization strategies employed in LLDs with potential applications in ototopical delivery.