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Workshop / Seminar

Organic/CBS Seminar – Vikrantvir Jain

Fulmer Hall
room 438
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About the event

Speaker: Vikrantvir Jain

Group: Dr. Anjali Sharma

Title: Targeted Nanotherapy for Liver Disorders

Abstract: Disruptions in liver functions can lead to various disorders, from hepatocellular carcinoma to drug-induced liver failure, posing substantial global health challenges and impacting over two million individuals annually. Hepatocytes, the primary liver cells, are central to understanding and addressing these disorders. Current treatments for severe hepatic diseases face limitations due to the challenge of efficiently delivering therapeutic agents to hepatocytes. Nanomedicines have emerged as a promising solution for liver-targeted drug delivery. The galactose-based dendrimer (GAL-24) synthesized using copper-catalyzed alkyne-azide click (CuAAC) chemistry approach proves to be an optimal platform for effectively targeting asialoglycoprotein receptors (ASGP-R) present on hepatocytes. Silibinin has garnered significant attention for its potential therapeutic properties in the treatment of various liver diseases due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics. However, silibinin possesses inherent challenges such as poor aqueous solubility and off-target effects, which can be overcome through conjugation with GAL-24 dendrimer. In this talk, I will present a galactose-dendrimer based liver targeted drug delivery system for targeted delivery of silibinin to hepatocytes. In addition, the talk will also shed light on effective strategies for synthesizing liver-targeted dendrimers using copper-free click chemistry to reduce purification efforts for the removal of metal catalyst.