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Workshop / Seminar

PChem Seminar – Nabil Ashraf Shuvo

About the event

Speaker: Nabil Ashraf Shuvo, Graduate student, Chemistry

Group: McCloy

Title: Iron Sulfide Nanoparticles for Capturing Volatile Contaminants

Abstract: Nanoparticles of different phases of iron sulfide show intriguing magnetic characteristics. Due to the physicochemical properties, magnetic nanoparticles demonstrate sorption capability of heavy metals from contaminated water sources. Separately, the remediation of volatile radioactive pollutants, such as 99Tc and 129I, and hazardous elements like Hg, is an important issue. These elements might be present in the groundwater, soil, as well as the radioactive tank waste at Hanford site. While there are developed technologies to treat soil and groundwater, novel separation techniques might enhance the sequestration and storage of radionuclides, particularly from tank waste. In this talk, I will present the updates on the synthesis, and characterization of iron sulfide greigite phase using different methods. This talk will also cover the preliminary results on the efficacy of the synthesized particles in sorption and reduction of target contaminants from aqueous solution.