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PChem Seminar – Shaw Su, Lithium Battery Electrolytes

Fulmer Hall
Room: 150
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About the event

Presenter: Shaw Su

Title: Lithium Battery Electrolytes

Abstract: Lithium battery research has seen a tremendous boon in the past decade due to strong demand in electrification of the transportation sector, which necessitates electrode materials of high energy density and electrolytes conducive to forming stable interfaces for ion transfer. Replacing graphite in LIB with silicon or lithium has been one route to improve energy density, the tradeoffs being low Columbic efficiency and interface stability with existing electrolytes, both of which are active areas of research and can be improved by developing novel electrolytes, which include high concentration electrolytes, electrolytes with functional additives, etc. I will discuss battery research I carried out so far focusing more on electrolyte and segue into future work.