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Physical Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar -Zoom Only

About the event

Title: Exploring the atomic structure of uranium oxide surfaces

Ashley Knapp (Moreau Group)

Abstract: Knowledge of Uranium oxide surface chemistry leaves much to be desired. Uranium oxide plays a significant role in nuclear energy as the primary substituent of nuclear fuel and although UO2 nanoparticles are formed in spent fuel, few studies have been done to explore UO2 size and surface dependent properties. Bearing in mind that nanoscale particles are composed mostly of surface atoms, it becomes evident that exploring how surface interactions affect their stabilization is important. Given the implications in environment remediation, it is important that preliminary work in the area be discussed. Therefore, studies on how excess oxygen may affect uranium oxide surface speciation will be considered. Computational studies on lattice relaxation and facet energies that may occur at the UO2 surface to study the extreme behavior seen in UO2(+x) nanosystems will also be reviewed. Continued inventiveness will mark how we look at surface interactions affecting particle stability, where a majority of atoms are proximal to the materials surface.

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