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Workshop / Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar – Emily Hicks, Chemistry Graduate Student

Fulmer Hall
room 150
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About the event

Speaker: Emily Hicks, chemistry graduate student

Group: Hipps/Mazur

Title: In Situ Imaging and Computational Modeling Reveal that Thiophene Complexation with Cobalt Octaethylporphyrin and Graphite is Highly Cooperative

Abstract: Thiophenes are heterocyclic molecules known to form complexes with transition metals with applications in biology, pharmacology, sanitization, corrosion resistance, chemical sensing, and optoelectronic devices. Previous studies of thiophene complexation with homogenous metal complexes have been conducted via spectroscopic, crystallographic, and DFT-based mechanistic methods but very few have involved heterogeneous environments and all of the mentioned methods of analysis can only provide average structural information when many adsorption sites are present. This talk will discuss the use of scanning tunneling microscopy and DFT-based calculations to investigate the coordination process of phenyl thiophene on cobalt octaethylporphyrin including the geometry of complexation and binding cooperativity.