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Student Motivation: Practical strategies that will increase engagement, learning & persistence

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About the event

Academic Outreach and Innovation is providing this webinar opportunity, hosted by Innovative Educators, to all faculty and staff. Join us and join the conversation! Read more details below.

If we want our students to be actively involved in our instructional strategies, then we must help them find the pathways and agency to achieve their goals. To do this we need to identify and re-examine “best practices” we have been using.  What strategies remain relevant for our students?  What signals do we see that encourage us to explore new “promising practices”?  This webinar will provide context and strategies for you and your colleagues to consider and develop.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Differentiate between the WHY and the HOW of student success and motivation
  • Examine the underlying principles of student success
  • Examine promising teaching practices for college classrooms, student leadership training sessions, and student affairs orientation
  • Reflect on and describe how their teaching practices have evolved to reflect changing dynamics of the classroom and campus
  • Identify teaching strategies that are appropriate for their student population
  • Apply basic principles of student success to their own teaching success (e.g. validation, self-efficacy, collaboration, active involvement)

More information on the webinar.

Presenter: Steve Piscitelli

Viewing Options

Option 1: Watch with your peers in Spark 223 on the Pullman campus

Option 2: Attend virtually

Option 3: Watch the recording


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