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Wednesday, October 5 @12 pm
Cold Climate Heat Pumps: A Necessary Tool for Reducing Carbon Emissions
WSU Pullman - Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center

Heat pump technology is changing the way single-family residences are being heated and cooled. Heating systems that are reliant on gas or electric resistance heating can be changed to a heat pump and meaningfully reduce carbon emissions. While most heat pumps can be used in residential retrofits and new residential construction in Washington State climate zones, the cold weather limitations of heat pumps may need to be considered in some building locations to ensure the unit installed can meet optimal heating temperatures during cold winter months. In this lecture, key takeaways from a cold climate heat pump study performed by RDH Building Science Inc. for Fortis BC Inc. will be discussed.

Friday, October 7 @3 pm
Guided Conversation with Guest Curator Lipi Turner-Rahman
WSU Pullman - Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Join guest curator Lipi Turner-Rahman as she guides a conversation about Our Stories, Our Lives: Irwin Nash Photographs of Yakima Valley Migrant Labor, which chronicles the daily lives of agricultural workers—as well as an era of rising labor movements and social awareness—in the Yakima Valley in the 1960s and 70s.

Tuesday, October 11 @4:30 pm
Human-Centric Lighting: Human Responses and Design Consideration
Online - Online

A human-centric lighting framework will be introduced and key human responses will be discussed. The goal is to engage future architects and designers in understanding the implications of lighting design decisions on building occupants.

Friday, October 28 @3:30 pm
2022 Anjan Bose Lecture
WSU Pullman - Engineering Teaching Research Laboratory (ETRL)

Biography: Dr. Jean-Sabin McEwen is an Associate Professor in the Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering at Washington State University, and is a Staff Scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He received his BS degree in Physics from McGill University, as well as his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Physics from Dalhousie University. Dr. McEwen won the NSF Career award in 2017 and was also named an influential early-career researcher by the American Chemical Society’s Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research in 2018. He serves as the Secretary of the Pacific Coast Catalysis Society, and was President from 2019-2022. He also was previously a member for the Early Career Advisory Board of ACS Catalysis. Dr. McEwen currently has 104 peer-reviewed publications with over 4000 citations.