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Friday, December 2 @11 am
High-Performance and Reliable Processing-in-Memory Accelerators for Graph-based Machine Learning by Chukwufumnanya Ogbogu – Preliminary Exam
WSU Pullman - Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Building

The saturating scaling trends of CMOS technology have motivated the exploration of emerging Process-in-Memory (PIM) architectures as a promising alternative for accelerating data intensive Machine Learning (ML) workloads. To that effect, researchers have explored special-purpose accelerators based on Non-volatile Memory (NVM) crossbar primitives such as Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM)-based PIM accelerators.

Wednesday, December 14 @5 pm
Agility Dog Health Network: Webinar Series 6 of 6
Online - Online

What are the unique veterinary needs of the competitor who travels extensively across the US or across the world to compete in agility and how can you, as their veterinarian, contribute to a safe travel plan? What are appropriate recommendations to prepare for travel via air or land with dogs of all sizes? How do you maintain biosecurity and infection control in diverse geographic areas? Is it appropriate to prescribe drugs such as metronidazole or carprofen “just in case” they’re needed?