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Workshop / Seminar

AER/Inorganic Chemistry Seminar – Zackary Kinlein

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About the event

Title:  Applying Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulation (SLIM) to the Analysis of Complex Biomolecular Isomers

Zackary Kinlein:  Seminar (Clowers Group)

Abstract: The ability to rapidly distinguish between individual structures in dilute mixtures of complex isomers remains a bottleneck in analytical chemistry. One field in analytical chemistry that shows great promise in distinguishing between isomers is ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). IMS separates compounds based on their size and shape, thus making it ideal for analyzing isomers which have identical masses and often similar chemical properties. While IMS may be a useful tool in resolving the bottleneck mentioned previously, the instrumentation currently available often falls short as the number and similarity of isomers present in a mixture increase. In order to overcome these limitations, new forms of IMS instrumentation have been developed including traveling wave structures for lossless ion manipulation (TW-SLIM). TW-SLIM consists of a pair of printed circuit boards (PCBs) which when overlaid allow for the confinement and separation of ions based on their ability to “keep up” with the transient waves generated between the two PCBs. Early results from TW-SLIM and its derivatives: SLIM serpentine ultralong path with extended routing (SLIM SUPER) and compression ratio ion mobility programming (CRIMP) have shown promise in identifying unique structures in complex mixtures. Some of the compounds analyzed via TW-SLIM thus far include; isomeric tetrasaccharides, anomeric glycans, and racemized/isomerized amino acids. While the full potential of this new instrumentation remains to be seen, the rapid development of prototypes over the last 5 years indicate that this technique can evolve to meet a number of needs in the field of analytical chemistry.

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