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Agility Dog Health Network: Webinar Series 1 of 6


About the event

College of Veterinary Medicine Continuing Education

Webinar 1 of 6: Introduction to the Sport of Dog Agility

An overview of agility with an emphasis on health impacts of sport participation.

  • What’s the difference between NADAC, AKC, UKI, and all the others?
  • What types of athletic activities are required – jumping, running, weaving, climbing?
  • Who are the competitors – demographics, geographics?
  • What type of training and commitment is involved to achieve success?
  • What role does the veterinarian play in injury prevention and treatment – proactive, reactive?
  • How can the veterinarian help with selection of a puppy as an agility prospect?

Primary Speakers: Dr. Debra Sellon, Dr. Dianne McFarlane

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