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Boeing Speaker Series: Career Development

About the event

What does it mean to manage your career? Do you find a mentor? Do you somehow get on the executive track? Do you follow in the footsteps of high performing coworkers? Or do you read countless books on career development? Some have said it is best to stay in one area and become an expert while others have said it is better to gain exposure to multiple functions. Through experience over the years, it became clear the only person who would consistently make career decisions, manage workload, and oversee work life balance is…. yourself. This discussion will focus on different Boeing career paths, balancing external career advice, taking initiative, developing your plan, and taking calculated risks to own your career.

Session Speakers:

Dan Morris

Dan has been at Boeing since 2008 and has enjoyed roles in Project Management, Scheduling, Finance, Lean Facilitation, Software Automation, Composite Manufacturing as well as Chief of Staff to the Director of International Finance. He is currently supporting Boeing Space and Launch as a Lean Consultant at Huntsville Alabama, New Orleans, El Segundo, and Kennedy Space Center. Prior to this role he supporting BGS Training Solutions as Project Manager for the Global Aviation Safety Initiative. Dan also supported Training & Professional Services as the Global Campus Finance manager based in Singapore.

Dan graduated Washington State University with a BA in Business Administration and later received a Certificate in Construction Management from the University of Washington. He holds an MBA Degree from Pacific Lutheran University and completed Graduate Certificates from MIT (Organizational Leadership) and Harvard University (International Relations). He is currently working on Doctorate in Business Administration with a focus on Organizational Leadership at Liberty University. He plans to use the degree to become a Leadership consultant and professor if he ever retires. Outside of work, Dan enjoys time with his wife and four kids, traveling, drawing, playing guitar, basketball, and running a small Music & Entertainment business and a non-profit consulting firm.

Mike Rootjes

Mike was born and raised in Washington and is a 2007 Washington State University graduate. He lives in Cle Elum with his wife and two dogs and outside of work, enjoys sports, trail running, golf, traveling, dog parks, and hiking long distances. All 14 years of Mike’s professional career has been at The Boeing Company with more than 10 years in Supplier Management with roles in Operations, Contracts, and Ordering and Scheduling. Mike was fortunate enough in 2018 to be awarded the Supplier Management Excellence Award and more recently has transitioned into Project Management, first to the NMA program and now the 737 program.