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Workshop / Seminar

CHE 598 Seminar

Spark Room 335, and Floyd 224 on Tri-Cities campus
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A head shot of Aalo Gupta

About the event

Aalo Gupta is the Director of the Future & Renewable Fuels Group in the Phillips 66 Technology Organization. He manages the research portfolio related to the production of renewable and advanced fuels beyond traditional petroleum derived transportation fuels.

Aalo joined Phillips 66 in 2011 and has worked in areas related to refining, production of advanced fuels, renewable fuels and hydrogen production, and the development of new catalytic materials and processes. Aalo received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota and B.S. in Biochemistry from Indiana University.

Challenges and Opportunities for Renewable Fuels Production

As an energy manufacturing and logistics company, Phillips 66 has developed a wide range of technologies to produce renewable and alternative fuels from feedstocks such as fats and oils, lignocellulosic biomass, and algae. Today, these efforts contribute to ongoing projects across the United States, including a major installation in Washington state. In this seminar, you’ll hear about the opportunities and challenges that exist for renewable fuels technologies and how smart research by Phillips 66 scientists and engineers can address technical risk and enable commercialization.