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Workshop / Seminar

Department of Chemistry Physical Chemistry Seminar

Fulmer Hall
Rm 150
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About the event

PChem Seminar

Speaker: Jayson De Mers

Group: Scudiero

Title: The Potential Electrochemical Role of Palladium Derivatives in The Hydrogen Economy: A Review of Research on Palladium Derivatives

Abstract: With the growing concern over global climate change and increasing amounts of greenhouse gases contributing to said changes, alternative approaches to energy production for large scale power grid supply and small-scale transport vehicles have been studied in earnest.  On the small-scale level, the argument between electric versus hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles being a solution to part of the ecological problem is bolstered by the relative successes and challenges each system has.  Challenges to the hydrogen fuel cell side have led scientists to find ways to overcome them.  Some of these challenges include using palladium or palladium hydride (PdHx) for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) improvements for producing pure H2 gas as fuel for the cells, formic acid oxidation (FAO) cycles for special fuel cells, and prevention of catalyst poisoning by carbon monoxide (CO). This presentation will review research related to palladium derivative catalysts, with a focus on electrochemistry, as well as some preliminary research on further applications such as H2 purification and storage.