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Oral Prelim Exam Announcement – Department of Chemistry

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Title: Development of a Universal Drug-Linker Platform for Targeted Drug Therapy

Hosog Yoon (Berkman Group)

Abstract: Targeted drug therapy is a promising approach to selectively treat cancerous tissues, however further development is needed in the field of acid-labile linkers. Cleavable linkers are fundamental for efficient delivery of cytotoxic drugs, but are also the key factor in determining the toxicity of drug conjugates in targeted drug therapy. One of the biggest challenge in this field is the availability of a versatile, acid-labile linker. Recently in the Berkman group, we developed an acid-labile phosphoramidate (PhosAm) cleavable linker that exhibits stability at physiological conditions, but predictable cargo-release at endosomal/lysosomal pH. In addition, we have shown that by outfitting this PhosAm linker with self-immolative spacers, it can be coupled to both alcohol and amino groups, thus allowing it to accommodate various drug payloads and marking it as a much-needed versatile platform for targeted drug therapy. In this work, our goal is to develop and optimize an effective drug-linker platform to overcome current limitations of acid-labile linkers in targeted drug therapy. The modular approach for theses platforms allows for the introduction of an azide functionality to accommodate click-chemistry for conjugation to antibodies or small-molecule inhibitors to deliver the relevant therapeutic agent selectively to the desired cell.

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Date & Time: Feb 23, 2021 12:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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