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Workshop / Seminar

Organic Chemistry Doctoral Final Exam with Anna Wang


About the event

Presenter: Anna Wang
Group: Xian
Title: Novel Fluorescent Sensor and Scavengers of Hydrogen Sulfide

Abstract: Owing to its unique regulatory effects in many physiological and pathological processes, the study of hydrogen sulfide H2S has attracted considerable attention in the past decade. Precise evaluation and regulation of H2S are critical to understand the exact action mechanism and clinical potentials of H2S in biological matrix. However, as a reactive gaseous molecule, H2S quickly degrades in aqueous and biological samples due to volatilization and fast biochemical reactions. The knowledge of accurate H2S concentrations needed for protective effects are still lacking. This presents a major burden in the development of H2S therapy, especially for the use of synthetic H2S regulating compounds. In this regard, novel selenenyl-sulfide based fluorescent probes to achieve accurate and non-destructive H2S measurement in biological samples were developed. Sulfonyl azides as specific H2S scavengers were discovered, the efficiency of these scavengers in in vitro and in vivo experiments were demonstrated. A database of xanthene dyes was constructed, a series of new xanthene dyes by applying deep learning technology were discovered. These compounds serve as important chemical tools for further investigating chemistry and therapeutic potentials of H2S.

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