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Workshop / Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar – Peter Jensen, Chemistry Graduate Student

Fulmer Hall
Room 150
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About the event

Speaker: Peter Jensen, chemistry graduate student

Group: Guo/Moreau

Title: Structure and Thermal Properties of Lanthanide Doped UO2

Abstract: Fission reactions in UO2 generate rich chemistry and complex structures within its fluorite matrix. Lanthanides (Ln), as one of the dominating fission products, are able to be incorporated into the UO2 structure, and change the physical and chemical properties. In this talk, I will summarize previous studies on Ln-doped UO2, with data on structure, lattice defects, oxidation characteristics, and charge distribution. Understanding the behavior and properties of Ln-doped UO2 is important to ensure safe storage, reuse, and long-term disposal of spent fuel.


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