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Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) at WSU

Poster Session

We encourage all attendees with research experience to submit a poster. Note that a project does not need to be completed; you can present something you are currently working on.

Prizes will be awarded, so we encourage you to present your best work!


Two poster sessions will be held in the SPARK Digital Learning Classroom building on Saturday, January 18th. Please refer to the Agenda for specific times.
We are excited to give you two options for presenting your poster at CUWIP at WSU. When registering for CUWIP at WSU, you will have the opportunity to indicate which presentation style you prefer.

Printed Poster:

If you already have a poster printed from another conference or from a university event that you would like to present at CUWIP, we can accommodate for this by providing poster boards for you to use to display your poster.

These boards are limited in size. For this reason, please make sure your poster has maximum dimensions of 4′ x 3′. If you have any more questions about this, please contact us.

Digital Poster:

We are very excited to offer an additional option for displaying your poster while at WSU. If you do not already have a printed version of your poster, you can skip printing costs and bring your poster on a flash drive to display on screens during the poster session.

Please prepare your poster with a 16:9 aspect ratio on a single slide in Powerpoint or Keynote and save as “last_first_CUWIP.pdf” where you have indicated your name in the file name.


Coming soon!