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Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) at WSU

Travel Reimbursement

All expenses related to lodging, meals, and conference events are covered by CUWIP.  There is a $45 registration fee that is required to reserve your spot – note that this fee can be waived (see FAQ).

We seek to minimize travel costs in order to support more students in attending CUWIP, so we ask that you find the most economical means of transportation to and from the conference. If your travel cost is not covered by your department, your travel must be approved by the conference organizers before you book your travel. If your department cannot fund your travel, please submit a written request for travel support from your department chair or, if at a community college, academic advisor to  Once approval is received:

  • Requests to join a car pool in your area will be available on your site specific registration, please consider this option before booking flights!
  • Please find inexpensive flights (economy only, and book EARLY). You must have approval from the Local Organizing Committee prior to booking your flight, email the flight details and price to with “travel” in the subject line.
  • Keep copies of e-tickets and boarding passes.
  • If you are driving, keep copies of any expenses incurred with rental, gas, tolls etc.
  • The last day to submit a request for travel approval is December 13, 2019. Requests sent and flights booked after these dates WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED.

Attendees requiring conference reimbursement will be required to pay their travel costs up front. Reimbursement vouchers will be available at the conference and can be submitted during the conference or emailed after returning to your home institution. Completed reimbursement vouchers are due by January 27, 2020. Reimbursements will only be paid after the conference, not before. More information regarding reimbursement, will be sent with approval notification.