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Workshop / Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

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About the event

Chemistry Department Seminar
Presenter: Greg Brabeck Ph.D., Excellims, WSU Alumni
Host: Graduate Chemistry Society

Title: Nonlinear Acceleration in Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry

Abstract: Greg Brabeck received his PhD from WSU’s Department of Chemistry (AER division) in 2016. He currently works at Excellims in Boston, MA where he designs and supports hyphenated Ion Mobility and Mass Spectrometric devices.

Mass spectrometry is a uniquely powerful analytical technique, providing valuable insight into chemical systems across countless disciplines. Unfortunately, mass spectrometers have historically been large, expensive devices operable only in the laboratory. In recent years, additional attention has been given to reducing system weight and power (SWAP) to create hand-held and/or fieldable MS devices. Concurrently, several foundational patents in ion trap mass spectrometry have expired, providing new opportunities for small R&D teams to reduce system cost while maintaining excellent performance.

Greg has had the privilege to work on both drivers of the current proliferation of portable, low-cost ion trap mass spectrometers. He will share his work optimizing SWAP of the sub-millimeter scale high pressure 3D ion trap developed in the Ramsey lab (UNC Chapel Hill) and commercialized by 908 Devices. He will also discuss his ongoing work at a startup (Excellims) to create an inexpensive fieldable IMS-MS system with applications in security screening, pharmaceutical cleaning validation, and metabolomics. This talk will use the through line of ion trap mass spectrometry to guide a dialog about the post-graduation work environment.

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