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Workshop / Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar


About the event

Physical Chemistry Seminar (ZOOM ONLY)
Online Only
Robbie Baker  (Yoo Group)
Title: High-Pressure-Temperature Research of Superconductivity

Abstract: Historically, the Bardeen–Cooper–Schrieffer (BCS) theory of superconductivity, was established by the attractive interaction between the electrons when mediated by phonons; However, this original theory does not explain the properties correlating to high temperature superconductors. Pressure-induced research demonstrates the changes of critical temperature (Tc) by considering phase transitions observed, and explained through spectroscopy; lattice vibrations, lattice parameters, characterized to understand molecular systems, and their electronic properties. In addition, High-pressure studies provide a development, with an approach to synthesis for extended polymeric phases, when made of low-Z elements in dense three-dimensional (3D) network structures. A sparked interest is presented with Transition-metal oxides [TMO (i.e., MoO3) Molybdenum trioxide], considering as metallic species in low-Z C/H/N/O molecules, especially d/f-transition metals can exhibit novel optical and electronic properties such as: photochemical selectivity, ferroelectrics, and metallic properties, and even superconductivities at high pressures. Investigating this area of solid-state chemistry, one could hope to gain a molecular familiarity, discover then contribute thermodynamic pathways to synthesize and functionalize extend solids.

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Meeting ID: 938 0915 3065
Passcode: 8j089e