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Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) at WSU

Ice Breaker Activities

If you enjoyed the ice breaker activities at the Friday night dinner, we have provided links and power points for the activities below. Please enjoy and we hope you had some fun learning new things, solving puzzles, and getting to know each other!

Gravitational Wave Activity

A gravitational wave themed icebreaker activity where people try to match an ideal gravitational wave signal with noisy detector output for each type of source! This activity comes to us from arXiv, where you can read about how this activity came to be!

We would like to thank Penn State University for the printable worksheets, found here.

Women in Physics Activity

We all have women that we can look up to, but we may not know much about the lives they led! This icebreaker activity challenges you to determine the woman in physics or astronomy based on 8 facts about her. The power point slides that have the facts about each woman can be downloaded here: Women In Physics And Astronomy.

We would like to thank the many sources we used to find the facts about these women – namely Wikipedia and the Nobel websites.