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Tuesday, May 7 @3 pm
From Practice Back to Theory: Integrating Established Models into Student Well-being Work
WSU Pullman

Health Promotion and Health Behavior theories and models can be accessible, concrete, and sometimes fun (Seriously!) This session will invite participants to learn some of the “greatest hits” of Health Promotion and Health Behavior theories to help fill the existing evidence-based practice gaps in student well-being work on their campus.

Wednesday, May 8 @9 am
Knowing Our Students
WSU Pullman - Compton Union Building

We have learned students are not one-dimensional. There is no longer a singular definition of a “typical” student, with the enrollment of diverse student populations steadily increasing. Student identities have evolved beyond the previously perceived “traditional” norms.

Thursday, May 16 @9 am
Global Accessibility Awareness Day at WSU
Online - Online

On May 16, 2024, Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we will offer presentations on alternative text for images, accessible social media, accessibility testing, ADA Regulations, policies, and digital accessibility. Each presentation will provide a period of questions and answers at the end.

Wednesday, May 29 @10 am
Harness the Power of Mentorship: Best Practices to Drive First-Generation Student Success
WSU Pullman

Billions are invested annually in student services, but many students never access them. As the value of higher education is increasingly scrutinized, institutions can not afford to have underused services. To address this, institutions are harnessing the power of mentorship to dismantle barriers hindering first-generation students from accessing student support services.

Thursday, May 30 @1 pm
Campus Crisis: Ensuring Proper Coordination
WSU Pullman

The question is not if but when. College campuses are facing crises at an alarming rate. Student affairs professionals are integral parts of the campus crisis response team.

Friday, May 31 @11 am
Elevating Student Voices using AI: The New Era of Student Success
WSU Pullman - Compton Union Building

Presenters will share their experiences using AI to deepen engagement with students and elevate their voices. Through the use of AI, the student voice can be incorporated into decision-making and drive proactive attentiveness.